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Kenji's Group is the assembly of Kenji and his childhood friends (see: Kenji's Youth Group). Its purpose is to stop Friend, who is attempting to destroy the earth. The group's hideout is situated in the an old metro station.


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  • Kenji Endō, the leader of the group. He was the one who found Otcho and Rena. He also found out about the robot and the attack at the Parliament (although too late). On New Year, he infiltrated the robot and saw Friend's face. After the events of Bloody New Year's Eve, he wasn't seen for 15 years. He wrote The Prophecy Book.
  • Choji Ochiai, Otcho, Kenji's best friend and the second in charge. After Bloody New Year's Eve, he was captured and brought to Umihotaru Prison. In 2014, he broke out with the mangaka Kakuta in search for Kanna.
  • Yukiji Setoguchi, the only female of the group. She helped Kenji dealing with Kanna, and eventually became Kanna's guardian. She also gave Kenji info on Otcho when he was still in Bangkok.
  • Yoshitsune, a friend of Kenji. He was texted by Kenji to join him. He quit his job and 'left' his wife and children to help Kenji. On December the 31st, he was able to fake his death and after that, he became the commander of a small group of people. So, he tried to save Friend's victims from Tomodachi Land and learning more about it.
  • Maruo, a friend of Kenji. He sent his wife and son away to protect them and started fighting Friend. His whereabouts after December 31 are unknown.
  • Mon-chan, a friend of Kenji. He was located in Germany before Kenji contacted him. There he was diagnosed with a deadly disease. After New Year's Eve, he found out about the New Book of Prophecy. He died shortly after.
  • Fukubei Hattori, a friend of Kenji. At December 31, he apparently died while struggling with Friend.


The group is associated with a couple of homeless people, under the leadership of God.


Ever since the group was established, they have been trying to know more about Friend and The Prophecy Book. At the beginning, Kenji tried to talk to Maruo and Yoshitsune about Friend, but he couldn't do it. After some events, Kenji told all his findings to Yukiji and asked her not tell Yoshitsune and Maruo. She eventually did. After Kenji, his mother and Kanna lived in their base, he contacted Otcho, Maruo, Yoshitsune, Mon-chan and Fukubei. Yukiji eventually also joined the group. From that point on, they were trying to decipher the book, and trying to learn who Friend was and what he was going to do. December 21, Friend blew up the Parliament. That was the sign that the doom of the Earth was beginning. On December 31, Kenji's group moved out to stop the giant robot who was destroying Tokyo.


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