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Kyoko Koizumi was just an ordinary high school girl in 2014 A.D.. She studied in the same school as Kanna. She has Aerium Essciemes as her favorited band. Because of that she's very inquisitive about what happened in the Bloody New Year's Eve as she wanted this topic as her assignment and also asked God for whatever happened in that event, She had been taken to Tomodachi Land to be hypnotized. Fortunately, Yoshitsune who act as a cleaner of the amusement park, rescued her to his base in the Old Haneda Airport. Kyoko had been forced to be one of the top 3 players of the challenges in Tomodachi land's games to enter the bonus stage, which is the Virtual Attraction, to search for the key to solve the main clue, which is "Who is Friend?". After the Virtual Attraction arc, which looks like Kyoko's nightmare, She though that her new English teacher, who's actually Sadakiyo is the real idendity of Friend, but Sadakiyo rescued her from Takasu and her agents as he told her that he wants to be a good person. In the 3rd Friend Year, Kyoko met Damian Yoshida the former guitarist of the band Aerium Esciemes, who learnt some Guitar skills from Kenji. She also shows her hidden Bowling skills to God, giving him the sign that Bowling is going to be boom again. At the ending of the story, Kyoko lived as a pro-like Bowling player in God's Bowling lane.


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