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The New Book of Prophecy is a notebook collaboratively written by Fukubei Hattori and his friends when they were kids. The book is a collection of seemingly disjointed predictions for the future. Through the series, all of the prophecies are never shown in one place and it is likely that there are more than what are shown. These seem generally centered around Fukubei's obsession with the expo and his desire for recognition. The prophecies eventually become the basis of Friend's plans during his reign between the Bloody New Years Eve and his resurrection.

The New Book of Prophecy is sent anonymously to Mon as he researches into Friend. In 2002, the book is passed on to Yukiji, not to be seen again until the narrative starts again in 2014. The prophecies include references to the assassination in the Shinjuku church, the new world leader, and the second virus release; all major plot points in the series.

The Prophecies:

In 2014, there will be a gathering at a church in Shinjuku, and then a nightmarish world will begin once more. At that gathering a savior of humanity will arise in the name of justice, but be assassinated.

The Pope will fall in the east.

When the Holy Mother descends, she will bring with her either heaven or hell.

Long live the expo. Long live the expo. Progress and harmony for mankind.

And then, a new World President will be born. 60 million votes for and not one vote against.

History will end in 2015.

Ring Ring goes the phone and all the preperations are complete.

And the world will fall into ruin.

(Note: many prophecies are not shown or quoted but merely alluded to)